NAFA Endorses Utilimarc as Benchmarking Partner

Mike NowakJanuary 30, 2012

NAFA is proud to announce its endorsement of the fleet benchmarking products of Utilimarc®, a national consulting group that offers internal and external fleet benchmarking, electronic reporting, and electronic analytical tools for large diverse fleets nationwide. This endorsement offers NAFA Members the comfort and security of knowing that their fleet Association has reviewed this product and is satisfied that Utilimarc’s® methodologies meet all the criteria and guidelines set by NAFA to provide good benchmarking data and help achieve fleet operational excellence.
“NAFA has a need to provide access to benchmarking data for its members,” said Phillip E. Russo, CAE, NAFA’s Executive Director. “To date, we have accomplished this via surveys, but fleet managers are requesting more specific and complex data. Utilimarc’s® in-depth benchmarking databases and services are outstanding and one-of-a-kind.”

Benchmarking is a key to maximizing revenues while reducing costs. Utilimarc’s® data analysis helps fleet managers develop fleet performance awareness and validate fleet effectiveness.

Available in electronic online formats (making information available to the professional 24/7), the Utilimarc® methodology may enhance fleet operations by allowing the user to:

– Compare fleet performance internally between departments or agencies or externally to your peers by measuring important fleet data such as equipment age, mechanic wages, vehicle utilization, and more.

– Develop electronic reports such as cost per mile, underutilized equipment, and operating costs.Through electronic analysis, fleet managers can develop the ideal lifecycle modeling using the Utilimarc®, lifecycle model and information.

– NAFA Members and other fleet professionals who become a Utilimarc® client are provided a tutorial on how to access the data immediately. Clients are also assigned a personal analyst, who can help you extract the data remotely.

To learn more about Utilimarc®, visit You can also contact one of their representatives via phone or email for a personal demo of the benchmarking, reporting and analytics software by contacting Utilimarc® at: 952.417.0186, toll-free 888.857.0844, or

Mike Nowak


Mike Nowak is the CIO of Utilimarc. He is a life-long learner and is motivated by the fact that analytics, technology and software can help improve our world and have the ability to create less waste for the environment. See more from Mike

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