What is “fleet cred” and why is it important?

Michael CarrJanuary 21, 2022

Fleet managers want the same things as any other business managers: reduced costs, optimized operations and an overall sustainable organization. Short and long-term goals play a large part in reaching these achievements, but tracking progress toward them can be ambiguous and unfruitful. It’s for this reason, that data – and data analysts – quickly become your best friend.

Data analysts play a very important role in fleet. Think of them as the keepers of key information like significant trends across your fleet, progress toward goals and notable areas for improvement. The data they work to process and understand makes all the difference between uncertain business decisions and those that are made with complete confidence.

However, there is another element of analyzing data that makes just as big a difference: deep domain knowledge.

It isn’t a surprising fact that most data is pretty useless if you don’t know enough contextual information to paint the complete picture. This is why domain knowledge is a major concern for fleet managers looking to outsource business intelligence and data management services. Managers want the promise of improvement and optimization, but need to know that their team has the background and experience ensure these deliverables can be met.

What is “fleet credit”?

“Fleet cred”, otherwise called “fleet credibility”, is the deep domain knowledge of the world of fleet. In addition to knowing the needs of their specific fleet, an analyst that knows the industry like the back of their hand can aid fleet management teams by making relevant suggestions and create even greater value with their fleet’s data. Instead of simply presenting the data as it is, a fleet data analyst has the expertise to tell a story with it and can more easily point out the weaknesses and opportunities.

Essentially, “fleet cred” is the difference between a data analyst and a fleet data analyst.

Bringing on an analyst with an understanding of fleet saves hours of time that would be spent training and educating another analyst from zero – especially as the learning curve for the fleet industry can be quite steep. Whether they are working for your team in-house or if they’re behind your fleet’s chosen BI platform, an analyst with fleet cred understands your company’s goals and can help you make the most of your data.

How Utilimarc pairs business intelligence and “fleet cred”

Utilimarc provides a unique solution for fleets in the sense that we are both the expert analytics team and a powerful BI platform paired together. Throughout the past 21 years of helping fleets as a benchmarking application, we’ve learned how fleets struggle to work through data that doesn’t result in actionable reporting – likely due to legacy systems that don’t have a thorough data-cleansing process and rely on inconsistent reporting that isn’t built on a hyper-custom, data-centric organization level. There is only so much even an expert fleet data analyst can do with a system that doesn’t do them any favors.

In brief, Utilimarc’s BI can accomplish three major things for your team: save valuable time, bring a high level of industry expertise to the table and give you confidence in your business decisions.

Our level of fleet cred comes from years of working with fleets across various industries. We’ve heard the pain points from municipality, utility and government fleets, so we are up-to-date on the needs and concerns. We are committed to building out your concepts and goals into custom metrics that you can track and trend across time. This is key because we understand that your fleet goals might not be the same as someone else’s. If you have the data, we can make it work for you.

If you’re interested to see how our platform and team of analysts are driving fleet success with telematics data, schedule a demo with us today.

Michael Carr

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