Trusted Advisors for Your Fleet

Regardless of your organization’s data sources, our fleet data experts can help you gain the analytical consistency needed to make your data actionable.

Partner with our team of experts to learn how you can exceed your annual and long-term goals.


Your New Fleet Business Intelligence Team

Our clients immediately gain access to decades of industry experience. When you join, Utilimarc’s team of expert analysts, technologists and data scientists become your fleet’s trusted BI team.

Our history of optimizing fleets of all sizes and industries has made us the leading BI experts for fleet data. Our professionals are the reason we’ve saved tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

Meet Our Team

[Quanta is..] one of the largest fleets in the world and the data is overwhelming – for someone who’s done this a very long time. It takes someone like Paul and his team at Utilimarc to go through that data, to scrub it for you and to make it incredibly useful.”

“We’re at over 2 billion data points per day. We don’t know how to count that high, but Utilimarc does. It takes a partnership for something like that.“

Translate Your Business Goals into Reportable Metrics

The amount of data your fleet generates can be staggering. We rely on over twenty years of helping the best fleets in the industry turn their data into the insights they need to optimize their operations, financials, and personnel.

Our analysts will consult with you to:

Discover Areas of Improvement

Work with our team to identify your fleet management pain points

Establish your goals and how to use your data to track progress

Select which data sources to leverage

Build Tailored Solutions

Clean and integrate your data into one analytical environment

Combine multiple data streams into key metrics customized to your goals

Prototype and refine a solution through feedback and testing

Deliver and Consult

Receive a comprehensive data solution that is ready to share

Regular updates tracking your fleet’s progress on goals overtime

Ongoing consultation to ensure your goals continue to be met

Fleet Modeling

Our analysts can help you put together easy-to-understand representations of your data that will help you make informed decisions. Share your data with all levels of fleet management through presentation-ready charts and visualizations.

Some of our client reports include:
  • Future forecasting for lifecycle and rightsizing
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Vehicle replacement scheduling
  • Rightsizing
  • Technician Staffing
  • Custom Reports

Industry Research

Our team will give you the facts you need to back your fleet’s strategies. In addition to decades of industry knowledge, our team of analysts can take on personal research projects to further assist you in following industry trends and seeing where your fleet stands.

  • Data from 60-100 fleets reporting over ten years, and over 300K units
  • EV (emmerging tech / usage)
  • Fuel consumption / idle time
  • Ad hoc reports / research for client reqs


The power behind our product is our dedicated team that keeps working with you long after reports have been delivered. We know our clients each have unique needs and we don’t limit their possibilities.

Through consultation, we seek to understand a fleet’s needs and how we can become their strongest tool in surpassing these goals.

Some of the Ways Our Professional Services Team Has Helped our Clients:

Future Proofing

Use imminent changes in the industry such as electric vehicles as an opportunity for your fleet to excel.

Replacement Planning

Understand which fleet assets should be replaced and when to predict capital spending.

Budget Justification

Our research and reports are ready to be presented within your organization to help validate your decisions.

Capital Spending

Optimize your fleet’s budget by gaining a deeper understanding of where your annual spend is allocated.

Staffing Level Reports

Compare your current and historical staffing levels to productivity levels and industry standards.

Impact Prediction

Understand how your decisions will change your organization’s bottom line, before you make them.

We listened to our customers and built a BI solution that truly delivers the answers to their challenges.