Help Us Build The Future of Fleet Data

Here at Utilimarc, we’re focused on continually expanding the ways we help fleets derive more value from their data. As commercial fleet industries evolve and our abilities to receive, qualify and analyze data continue to grow – so do the insights we provide to our customers.

Careers at Utilimarc

Utilimarc’s mission is to bring analytics and data-driven insights to every fleet looking to optimize their operations. Our team works with our clients to identify opportunities for reduction of wasted resources, as well as many other operational improvements within their organization.


We are a young, dynamic and growing company right at the heart of vehicle, IoT and data science, and we strive to ensure our company remains inclusive and entrepreneurial as we grow and evolve.

At our core, we believe strongly in the human aspect of our team, creating an environment that balances work and life, AND the “get-it-done” ethos, because yes, you can have both.

Currently No Positions Available