Data Connections

Get better ROI for the technology you invest in.

EV Data Connections

We connect to the leading EV data sources  to allow you to monitor carbon emissions, track energy usage, charging events, fuel consumption and total EV percentage.

Key Reports:

  • GHG Emissions 
  • Charge Events 
  • Energy Usage Trends
  • MPG-E 
  • Fleet EV %

Common Integrations:

Telematics Connections

We’ve created data connectors with industry-leading telematics providers and OEM integrations to provide a seamless transfer and ingestion of data. Our process cleans and standardizes your data sources to provide key insights to improve the efficiency of your fleet.
Key Reports:
  • Field Time vs. Work Time
  • Utilization vs. Under Utilization
  • Critical Fault Code
  • Inspection Compliance

Common Telematics & OEM Integrations:

Fleet Management Systems Data Connections

We’ve built connections with key aggregators that are commonly used throughout the various fleet industries today that unlock invaluable reporting on utilization, fleet rightsizing, replacement and vehicle lifecycle analysis.

Key Reports:

  • Vehicle Availability 
  • PM Compliance
  • PM Scheduling
  • Repair Time Standards 

Common Integrations:

Fuel Card Data Connections

By integrating with common fuel card integrations we help you reduce your overall spend and increase fuel efficiency by tracking transaction data, benchmarking consumption and year over year fuel cost, and protect your organization from fraud through key reporting.

Key Reports:
  • Fuel Transaction
  • Validation Fuel
  • GHG Reporting
  • Fraud Protection

Common Integrations:

Drive Cameras Data Connections

Our data connections with industry-leading AI dash cameras allows you to protect your drivers in real-time, prevent safety incidents before they happen and coach your drivers on the road to improve driving habits.

Key Reports:

  • Safety Scoring
  • Drive Camera Data

Common Integrations:

Enterprise Resource Planning Data Connections

Our layer of technology on top of existing data sources creates analytical stability and an immediate nimbleness, for real-time feedback and decision making. We connect with top ERP systems by sending our clients’ data to their preferred provider – syncing with their data on a minute-by-minute basis for garage to executive-level management.
Key Reports:
  • Total Cost Per Usage Day
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Leased vs. Owned
  • ROI Analysis

Common Integrations: