About Us

We began building products and services focused on benchmarking and optimizing the operational efficiency of utility fleets over twenty years ago. Since then, we’ve developed a business intelligence platform that streamlines data management, and performs as an added tech layer that sits on top of your library of data sources for clean, actionable insights and analyses.

Our Story

Along with the growing demands of our customers, Utilimarc has continually evolved its ability to receive and analyze data, leading us to develop a platform and suite of applications that provide true insights and deliver impactful solutions for enterprise level fleets across the nation. Our continual investments in products and people helps our customers continually achieve operational excellence and analytical stability.

Our Mission

Here at Utilimarc, we’re focused on continually expanding the ways we help fleets derive more value from their data. As commercial fleet industries evolve and our abilities to receive, qualify and analyze data continue to grow, so do the insights we provide to our customers. We are working closely with our customers as a trusted analytics and reporting resource for forward thinking efforts in implementing and understanding new data sources such as Electric Vehicles, EV charging systems and OEM embedded telematics. Our team and platform provides the infrastructure fleets need to understand key drivers in operational efficiencies as well as sustainability initiatives.

Company Facts

Managing data and optimizing fleet for 85% of all investor-owned utilities

Over 20 years deep experience in utilities and construction

Analyzing and reporting on over 300k fleet assets

Processing 25 million data events daily

We maintain 99% of customers year over year

Our Team

Fleet data is at the center of Utilimarc’s core. We are a team of analysts, technologists, and data scientists all with deep domain knowledge within the fleet industry.


Christopher Shaffer


Tom Nimmo


Mike Nowak



Dennis Jaconi

VP Marketing and Sales

Mike Huhn

Director of Analytics

Michael Tesch

Director of Engineering

Lanelle Duke

Director of Product

Joe Clements

Director of Finance

Marketing and Sales

Gretchen Reese

Content Manager

Michael Carr

Account Manager

Gabriel Vespasiano

UX/UI Designer

Priscilla Valdez

Content Specialist

Customer Success

Alex Lopez

Customer Success Manager

Jessica Adams

Customer Success Manager

James Madison

Product Support Specialist

Addison Dowd

Project Manager


Paul Milner

Benchmarking and Professional Services Manager

Lexi Sackett

BI Manager

Kyle Krumenacher

Data Analyst II

Jason Allen

Data Analyst II

Sydnie Gjerald

Data Analyst II

Nathaniel Karr

Data Analyst I

Alec Henriksen

Data Analyst I

Steve Gaetz

Data Analyst I

Eric Shaffer

Internal Analyst I

Alex Willenbring

Benchmarking Intern


Nikki Sabby

Financial Controller

Mark Schonning

Supply Chain Manager / Project OPS

Luke Nikunen

IT Manager


Jack Mason

Senior Software Engineer

Thao Nguyen

Data Scientist

Thomas Winter

Software Engineer II

Pete Jacobsen

Software Engineer II

Matt Lauter

Software Engineer II

Brannon Imamura

Senior Software Engineer

John Bui

Data Scientist

Nathan Horst

Data Scientist

Pam Helf

Data Engineer

Nathan Gille

Engineering Intern

Gabbie Bolcer

Data Analyst Intern

We listened to our customers and built a BI solution that truly delivers the answers to their challenges.