Future-proofing and Optimization Backed by Data.

Future-proofing and Optimization Backed by Data.

Unify key performance metrics into customizable dashboards and reports to achieve your financial and operational goals within your fleet.

Utilimarc powers the nation’s leading fleets:

How Our Platform Works:

Connect Data Sources for Data Quality.

Create better ROI for the technology you’re already invested in – from telematics and FMIS to EVs and ERPs.

Activate clean data for analyses and automated reporting.

Spend less time cleaning your data, regardless of scale or data source for accurate analyses and insights.

Apply insights for continuous fleet optimization.

Create a smarter future for your fleet with cost-projections, vehicle replacement dates and predictive maintenance.

One Place to Connect Your Data

Your data is more powerful when it works together. Our layer of technology on top of existing data sources creates analytical stability and an immediate nimbleness for real-time feedback and decision making. With the big picture view, you can build a strategy to fully optimize all fleet assets.

One Process for Data Quality

From ingestion through to reporting, our data preparation and engineering processes help fleets of all sizes receive clean and unified data they can trust for customized and automated reporting.

One Platform to Manage Your Data

Our BI platform organizes your data to build a deeper understanding of your performance, and enable key decisions.

Business Intelligence Platform

One Source for Actionable Insights to Optimize Fleet

Clean and unified data for standardized, customized and automated reporting in key areas for your fleet.

Future Proofing

Create a reliable, repeatable management strategy that is flexible to change as the industry does; resulting in sustainable resource management and identifying cost-reduction opportunities.