Benefits of Utilimarc
Business Intelligence

The Value of Our Platform for Your Data

 Our platform acts as the technology layer over your fleet data. Make the most of your data streams and identify areas of improvement in your operations strategy with the Utilimarc BI Platform.

Unified Data Streams

Unify your diverse fleet assets by connecting your various data streams into one platform.

How does it work?

All supported data sources are integrated in one platform in a simple process:

  • Connect data sources.
  • Clean and standardize data.
  • Unify data into visual dashboards and reporting.

The Payoff

Your data is more powerful when it works together. With the big picture view, you can build a strategy to fully optimize all fleet assets.

Quality Data

Our platform insures your reports are based on reliable, clean data.

Our Process

From ingestion through to reporting, our data preparation and engineering processes help fleets of all sizes receive data they can trust.

Our platform makes sure your telematics data is valid, error free, and representative of your fleet before reporting it in your dashboards.

The Payoff

  • All members of your organization can confidently rely on your data to make key decisions.
  • Spend less time spent cleaning your data, regardless of scale.
“One thing that I really like about Utilimarc is their ability to integrate multiple data sources and display them in a single dashboard. That’s been a big value for us. Being able to visualize that data helps us analyze and manage our data more efficiently.”

Fredrick Staunton — Senior Project Management

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Actionable Insights

Create a smarter future for your fleet with anticipated cost-projections, vehicle replacement dates and predictive maintenance.

How do we help?

We help customers achieve their goals and objectives by turning their data into visualizations and reports across several key areas.

What does it look like?

Our BI platform organizes your data to build a deeper understanding of your performance, and enable key decisions.

Future Proofing and Scalable Financials

Multi-view financial modeling and custom reports specific to your organization’s data-background.

How does it work?

Create a reliable, repeatable management strategy that is flexible to change as the industry does; resulting in sustainable resource management and identifying cost-reduction opportunities.

The Payoff

A proactive management strategy, with the analytical stability needed to keep up with a changing industry.

What can our platform do for you?

The Utilimarc platform helps you create a smarter future for your fleet in the short and the long term, by helping you make the most out of your data.