Benefits of Utilimarc BI Platform

The value of our platform for your data

We know that fleet managers deal with a massive amount of data on a daily basis – and it can be overwhelming, hard to know where to start. The Utilimarc Business Intelligence Platform acts as the technology layer over your fleet data platforms to analyze and make the most of the data you’re receiving every day, as well as providing an objective perspective to help identify areas for improvement in your operations strategy.



Unified Data Streams

Unify your diverse fleet assets by connecting your various data streams into one platform. 

How does it work?

All sources of data are collected and placed in one platform with a versatile technology layer on top – taking your data points one step further to provide customizable analyses and daily dashboards for actionable insights. Our platform and our people standardize your data to deliver custom reporting to help you optimize your operational strategy.

What to look for:

The unified BI platform supports a variety of third party data integrations; such as fleet management systems, telematics, fuel cards, drive cameras and ERP software in one analytical environment – allowing for deeper analysis into the data that each source gathers.

The Payoff:

A business intelligence technology layer over the top of your data sources provides a multitude of benefits – from future-proofing your fleet to full-optimization of all fleet assets, processes and financials to meet your management goals.

“One thing that I really like about Utilimarc is their ability to integrate multiple data sources and display them in a single dashboard. That’s been a big value for us. Being able to visualize that data helps us analyze and manage our data more efficiently.”

Fredrick Staunton — Senior Project Management
American Electric Power


Data Management

Manage various data streams with the technology layer and team that deliver tailored reporting and customized analyses.

How does it work?

The Utilimarc platform provides our customers with a single analytical environment for all their data sources empowering teams at all levels of the organization with KPI dashboards and executive reporting for all areas within their fleet. 

What to look for:

We provide our customers with an accurate peer-to-peer comparison and daily analytical environment, showing you where you stand against your organization’s annual goals and how you compare with your industry peers. You’ll be able to compare your fleet against industry-leading fleets in the field by taking a look at industry-wide corporate financials, staffing reports and vehicle insights.

The Payoff:

We all know that we can’t manage what we can’t measure. With the Utilimarc BI Platform, you can effortlessly visualize and explore operational data with an annual benchmark or daily analytics dashboards. You also can delve into key metrics that showcase how you’re performing against your set goals and objectives – without needed to fully build out an in-house analytical team.


Telematics Data

Clean and actionable insights provided from custom daily dashboards and standardized data streams.

How does it work?

All incoming telematics data is centrally located within our business intelligence platform for fleet managers get quick access to real-time location mapping, driver safety score-carding, idle time, usage rate and daily work order reports.

What to look for:

The dashboards and reports within our BI platform become a single destination for fleet managers to actively monitor daily performance, as well as helping schedule out reporting to based on custom metrics and KPIs.

The Payoff:

Once in our BI platform, you will be able to navigate your daily data points with custom reporting, customizable daily dashboards and thorough analyses. These can be used for maintaining and optimizing your operational strategy, as well as help plan for future initiatives – such as EVs or alternative fuels.


Actionable Insights

Create a smarter future for your fleet with anticipated cost-projections, vehicle replacement dates and predictive maintenance.

How does it work?

We’re focused on continually expanding the ways we help fleets derive more value from their multitude of daily data points. Commercial fleet industries are constantly evolving – as does our ability to receive, qualify and analyze data. With that knowledge, we continuously create custom analyses for each unique client in order to help them make the most of their data.

The Payoff:

With our unified platform and team of data analysts, we help customers achieve their goals and objectives with quality data and custom analyses insights resulting in smarter business decisions.


Future Proofing and Scalability

Multi-view financial modeling and custom reports specific to your organization’s data-background.

How does it work?

Our analysts can work with you to create analytical stability for your fleet by providing lifecycle projections, fuel and maintenance cost reporting as well as custom-tailored solutions, no matter your fleet’s size or asset mix.

In order to future-proof your fleet, sustainability must be at your core. Not always in the form of fleet electrification or alternative fuel pursuit – but in the form of creating a reliable, repeatable management strategy that is flexible to change as the industry does; resulting in sustainable resource management and identifying cost-reduction opportunities.

The Payoff:

Finances can change from year to year. Our analysts can help you put together abstract representations of your organization’s real-world financial situation in multiple-scenario views that allow for the development of a proactive management strategy and analytical stability for your fleet.

What can our platform do for you?

The Utilimarc platform helps you create a smarter future for your fleet in the short and the long term, by helping you make the most out of your data.

Working with our customers, we’ve built a business intelligence platform that delivers reliable insights and answers to the challenges they face.