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Sadie Dougherty

For fleet managers, reducing GHGs starts with an accurate understanding of how much their fleet emits in the first place. This is where GHG reporting comes in. Utilimarc’s GHG analytics takes data from different sources to help fleets measure and report their emissions. This could be at a higher level or down to the details of which vehicles, classes, and fuel types are contributing the most.

Priscilla Valdez

Many fleets today have their own reasons for needing accurate GHG reporting. It could be to monitor the implementation of EVs or alternative fuels, or simply to understand which vehicles are contributing most to their overall emissions. Regardless of the reason, there are several ways a fleet could benefit.

Utilimarc Customer Success

With Utilimarc’s Benchmark and GHG Emissions Reports, City of Glendale is able to access deeper insights into their fleet’s gas emissions. Our GHG Analytics helps them to track and trend emissions over the previous 5 years with reports like total fleet GHG emissions, GHG emissions by fuel and asset types, total fuel consumption by type and asset comparison.

Utilimarc Customer Success

“Utilimarc has helped us immensely by taking our data and making us much better at what we do. It takes a partnership, especially when you're as big as Quanta, to make a large organization not only run, but thrive.”

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