How We Serve Industry-Leading Fleets

See how we’ve helped our customers navigate the challenges of siloed fleet data with custom reporting solutions and our signature business intelligence platform.

Customer Success Stories

Michael Carr

One of the greatest benefits of implementing business intelligence is the ability to turn disconnected data systems into actionable insights. Once fleet data is streamlined and cleaned, BI bridges the gap between the initial point of data collection to seeing data-driven results.

Utilimarc Customer Success

“Utilimarc has helped us immensely by taking our data and making us much better at what we do. It takes a partnership, especially when you're as big as Quanta, to make a large organization not only run, but thrive.”

Utilimarc Customer Success

“Utilimarc streamlined our reporting processes, key insights and core usability metrics into a single platform, broken out into operational dashboards and executive summary reporting with automated scheduling features. They have also helped us keep tabs on electrification insights that will aid in our future electrification efforts as well as ensuring our fleet is fully optimized.”

Utilimarc Customer Success

In making our decision to pursue a data management platform we needed someone that was experienced in new technologies, but also that came with years of experience working with telematics, third party integrations and fleet management system data.

What Our Customers Have to Say: