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About The Show

Fleet FYIs is a podcast for fleet professionals by fleet professionals – tackling topics like budget cuts, fleet sustainability, smarter management strategy, new technology and so much more. This show helps you on the go or behind the desk, making fleet management a little easier. We’re bringing two-decades worth of data insights and expert analysts together in conversation.

Your Host

Meet Gretchen, the host of The Fleet FYIs Podcast. Formerly living in London, she is now deeply involved with connecting people and trends within the North American fleet industry. Gretchen works with the marketing team here at Utilimarc, with a background in international marketing and brand engagement, as well as a well-fueled passion for sustainability.

All Seasons


Big Data Made Simple

We use data every day – especially when it comes to the vehicles we drive. Starting in January 2023, learn about how fleets are using big data to streamline their operations and sustainability strategies.


Sustainability From Every Angle

Sustainability isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Every organization’s needs are different, sometimes we just need to approach it from a different angle.
  • The UK is One of the World’s Sustainability Leaders – is the US Soon to Follow?
  • What is Phantom Drain and How Does it Affect EV Fleets?
  • What Are the Benefits of At-Home vs On-Site Charging?
  • Is Thermal Management the Key to Successful EV Adoption?
  • Is Carbon Neutrality a Realistic Goal for Fleets?


Is Going Electric the New Frontier?

A new technology makes for some challenges and changes – but don’t let that scare you. Hear from the experts this season on all things EVs. 

  • Can Fleet Electrification Do More Harm Than Good?
  • Can We Really Free Fleets from Fossil Fuels?
  • What You Need to Know Now About Fleet Electrification
  • What Are Low Emissions Zones, and What do they Mean for Fleets?
  • How the Fuel Industry is Pivoting from Petrol to Charging Stations
  • Is eFuel the Internal Combustion Engine’s Answer to Electrification?


How to Use Data to Better Your Fleet

We know that efficiency begins with the optimization of assets and costs. But where do you start?

  • Is Machine Learning the Future of Fleet Technology
  • The Future of Fleet Networking is Digital…Or is it?
  • Understanding Data Stewardship and Fleet Sustainability
  • How to Apply Your Data for a Better Fleet Management Strategy
  • Is Going Green as Easy as They Say?

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