Does Vehicle Age Impact Usage?

Paul MilnerSeptember 10, 2018

A typical fleet has vehicles in a range of ages. Utilimarc wanted to find out if this difference in age impacted vehicle usage. To find our answer, we looked at the distribution of unit ages and annual usage patterns.

In the following graphs, you’ll see the results from different class codes from 50 of our utility benchmark clients over three years of data.

Light Duty Pickup

One of the most popular vehicles within a fleet is the light duty pickup. These ½ ton pickups include the popular Ford F150 and Chevrolet 1500.

Count of Light Duty Pickups by Age

Our data revealed that 57.9 percent of light duty pickups are age five or younger. Go up five more years and we found that 90.3 percent of these vehicles are still going strong at 10 years or younger. In this graph, you’ll see the average annual mileage by age for light duty pickups.

Light Duty Pickup Average Annual Mileage by Age

Light Duty Service Truck

The light duty service truck is a reliable workhorse for many fleets with its service body and GVWR less than 20,000. So, how productive do they remain and for how long? Let’s find out.

Light Duty Service Trucks by Age

Per our data, 50.2 percent of light duty service trucks are age six or less, while 91.6 percent are age thirteen or less. Pretty impressive ages for vehicles that see constant daily use. Here, you’ll find the average annual mileage by age for light duty service trucks.

Light Duty Service Truck Annual Mileage by Age

Light Duty Bucket Truck

Classified as a truck with an aerial attachment and GVWR less than 26,000, the light duty bucket truck is always dependable to reach performance heights. But how does it do as it ages?

Count of Light Duty Bucket Trucks by Age

We found that 53.3 percent of all light duty bucket trucks are age four or less, while 92.7 percent are age nine or younger. See our findings for the average annual mileage by age for light duty bucket trucks below.

Light Duty Bucket Truck Average Annual Mileage by Age

Paul Milner

Benchmarking and Professional Services Manager

Paul Milner is a Benchmarking and Professional Services Manager at Utilimarc. He studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Working at Utilimarc for nearly ten years, he helps find the stories and solve problems within complex data sets. See more from Paul

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