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Of the above data, Utilimarc was surprised to see that the percentage of 4×4 pickups keeps growing — possibly eventually leading to the demise of the 4×2.

“My VP would tell you that we have executed real change in the business that has a financial benefit to our rate-paying customers. While at the same time, making the fleet more productive.”

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Our customers demand the best. We consistently strive to make fleet management simple, clear and effective. We want every customer to derive the most valuable insights from every data point at their disposal.

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Because of the tight budgets of most university fleets, proper management is essential. Using technology and a savvy fleet manager, today’s universities can deliver exceptional service to their students through proper utilization of their fleet vehicles.

Technology is changing the face of the modern fleet, and for fleet professionals who have complicated fleets to manage, that is good news. With these strategies, even the most complex fleet can run efficiently and effectively.

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Because of its massive importance, we’ve delved into a couple ways that leaders in the fleet industry can network to make themselves more effective and better connected.

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The operating cost for the Transit Connect in year two was $117 per 1,000 miles, while in year five it was $278 per 1,000 miles, an increase of $161 per 1,000 miles over the five years.

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This inaugural conference brings together executives from leading public and private IoT companies as well as investment professionals at all stages.

The operating costs for 4×2 in year one was $75 per 1,000 miles, while in year nine it was $265 per 1,000 miles, an increase of $190 over the nine years.