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Gretchen Reese is the content manager at Utilimarc. She has experience in global and strategic marketing, previously working as a copywriter and content specialist for a London marketing agency and freelancing in multiple niches. She carries with her a vivid love of travel, English literature and European history – often you’ll find her with a pen, paper and cappuccino in hand.

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Utilimarc, an industry leader in fleet analytics and authorized Geotab premier reseller, today announced its partnership with Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation. Through this partnership, Utilimarc and Geotab provide utility companies and municipalities with rich data-insights via a combined business intelligence (BI) solution to help solve proliferating problems in the industry including sustainability initiatives and operational efficiencies.

vehicle safety survey results

In order to gather more information on what fleets across North America are doing to minimize risky driving behavior and train safer drivers on the road, Utilimarc has partnered with DTE Energy to run a survey to asses what aspects of fleet safety are most important to managers – from policies to equipment, how they’re training drivers or if they are using incentives to achieve their results.

Over the last few months, we’ve run a survey that aimed to capture if industry-leading fleets are reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, how they’re doing it, and if they’re not – will they start in the near future?

There are certain obstacles along the path to global electrification that often create hesitancies for fleet managers considering making the big switch. In addition to logistical and economic reasons, however, what the studies also revealed was that many of these limitations were largely psychological.

Is business intelligence necessary for fleet management today?

Business intelligence seems to be one of those buzzwords that companies throw around when talking strategy and future-proofing solutions, but many find it hard to define – at least in a way that makes sense to the masses.

Can electrification have a negative impact on fleet performance?

Even when the right vehicles for your fleet become available, there is still the question of whether they are truly the better option. Fleet managers must justify that EVs would perform at the same level as their current ICE models.

What is telematics data and why is it important? Utilimarc fleet fyis

It seems to be one of those things that as you enter the fleet industry – or actually, I should probably say the automotive industry at this point – it’s engrained in you from day one. But what actually is it aside from the collection of data points from a vehicle?

what happened at fleet forward 2021? Utilimarc fleet fyis

This year at Fleet Forward, I think you could tell that most people were happy to be back at an in-person event rather than virtual. It was amazing to see so many people connecting and re-connecting, catching up with new friends and old colleagues that they haven’t seen in quite some time.

Halloween Spooktacular: Fleet Horror Stories

To mark the spookiest, scariest day of the year, we’re bringing you the first ever Fleet FYIs Spooktacular special – Fleet HORROR STORIES. A huge thank you to everyone that submitted ideas for this show – hopefully you enjoy our fun, light-hearted take on the spooky side of the fleet industry.

why should we care about greenhouse gasses? Utilimarc blog

Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, keeping Earth at habitable temperatures. However, with GHGs at an all-time high due, this leads to out-of-control climate conditions that threaten life across the planet.