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Gretchen Reese is the growth marketing manager at Utilimarc. She has experience in global and strategic marketing, previously working as a copywriter and content specialist for a London marketing agency and freelancing in multiple niches. She carries with her a vivid love of travel, English literature and European history – often you’ll find her with a pen, paper and cappuccino in hand.

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This is a decision that many (if not all) fleet managers have to face at some point. It may seem like a good option, given the low mileage, but holding on to a vehicle with low LTD miles may end up being more expensive than initially expected.

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On October 11, Utilimarc released the results of their most recent survey covering 2022 Fleet Inflation rates. The survey was run in partnership with Xcel Energy, a utilities company based in Minnesota, and studied how recent inflation has affected the ways in which fleets operate and manage rising costs.

Respondents were based primarily throughout North America and operate in various fleet verticals including municipal, utilities and other sectors. Utilimarc’s survey assessed average salaries, common benefits and other aspects of their employment in order to understand any trends and changes in compensation.

Recently, in partnership with Consumer’s Energy, we ran a survey to learn more about how fleets are changing their take-home policies (if at all), especially as we exit a pandemic and move into a new year.