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Priscilla Valdez is a content specialist at Utilimarc. She has over 7 years' experience storytelling and copywriting in various industries. She enjoys sharing industry insights through writing that is compelling and dynamic. She is an avid traveler and foodie, so when she’s not working you can find her hunting down cheap flights or browsing the New York Times Cooking section.

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What impact will low emissions zones have on urban cities? Utilimarc blog

Low emission zones are common throughout Europe and the UK, with over 250 protected European cities as of 2019. Though not as common in the United States, these EU cities provide a blueprint for the future of LEZs around the world.

Should you be cross training fleet technicians and fleet mechanics?

More often than not, companies cannot afford to slow down operations when a key employee is out of office. For this reason, cross-training employees is a great way to ensure that the show goes on.