Know How You Compare and Set Data-Backed Goals

The fleet benchmarking application delves into your data and measures whether or not your fleet meets the industry norm. We can also shed light on how your actions today may affect your finances and operations down the line.


Accurate peer to peer comparison and industry best practices.

Built on more than a decade of research, our benchmarking application sheds light on how you stack up internally and against other fleets industry-wide. The Utilimarc benchmarking application standardizes your data, allowing you to clearly set data driven goals and objectives that aid in the optimization of your fleet.  


Take the guesswork out of fleet management.

Our benchmarking application allows you to narrow in on specific data sets while comparing your data to industry peers in critical areas – including vehicle utilization, mechanic productivity and fleet mix makeup.

Break down your performance into measurable, quantifiable data.

We developed our benchmarking application over 15 years of working with Fortune 500 companies, getting a thorough understanding of how to make data useful and easy to understand. The Utilimarc team cleans, standardizes and analyzes your data sources to give you the insights you didn’t know you were missing.


Our insights from over a decade of industry benchmarking studies.

We listened to our customers and built a business intelligence platform that truly delivers the answers to their challenges.