Jessica AdamsJune 4, 2015

With today’s upper-management expectation of real-time analytics, data driven decisions, and reduced support staff, the fleet industry needed a drastic change in the consulting approach.  The fleet professionals today are overloaded by data from their financial, FMIS, HR, fuel system, work order system, and telematics. The need to integrate all of the various sources becomes more apparent. There is a high demand for data analytics and many organizations are being stripped of the data personnel to weave through the multiple sources of data in order to provide comprehensive reporting.

It’s no secret that the notion of fleet consulting has changed drastically over the previous two decades.

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Historically, when fleet professionals were having issues or being pushed to improve the way their fleet is being managed, they would seek out an individual with experience in the industry to come into their office, take notes, and deliver a summarized consulting report. The “person-to-person” method and reporting alone left fleet professionals without customizable solutions for their unique fleet operation. The one-time reports provided by the consultants were vague, the suggestions often difficult to implement, and they did not tie in data or have mathematical justifications.

Through working with our clients for the last 15 years, we’ve responded to the disconnect between standard consulting and software by adding a support component. Fleet professionals need to be able to make decisions based on the unique metrics involved with their fleet, and understand how to go about making those changes. As leaders in fleet consulting, Utilimarc understands that in order to be effective, consulting cannot be an annual engagement, but an ongoing partnership. By integrating our business knowledge with complex data systems, we are able to deliver real, measurable analytic reporting that is fully supported year round.  As the roles and expectations of the fleet managers continue to evolve, so will the demand for consulting engagements to produce a 360 degree picture in order to continually drive change in the organization.

Jessica Adams

Manager of Customer Success

Jessica Adams is the manager of Customer Success at Utilimarc. She began her career with Utilimarc six years ago after graduating from the University of St. Thomas. Jessica specializes in benchmarking and enjoys creating custom reporting for clients. See more from Jessica

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