Integrating Electric Vehicles Into Your Fleet? Start Here:

Sydnie GjeraldMarch 9, 2022

Electric vehicles are here to stay – many fleets across the world and across the country have already begun the shift to EVs.

We can help you to identify which types of electric vehicles are right for your fleet, based on region and use-purpose, aid in planning infrastructure installation and optimize your route-planning with telematics – all in one intuitive dashboard.

Here’s how.

Understand your new data streams with Utilimarc’s new EV Reporting.

It’s no secret that managing an EV fleet comes with its own unique challenges. From maintenance training to new data streams, adjusting metrics to lowering emissions – there’s a lot to take in. Breaking down new metrics and data streams in an intuitive dashboard can help you make a seamless transition to electric. Utilimarc’s EV dashboard details key metrics like:

  • Total CO2 Emissions Avoided
  • Total Energy Used (kWh)
  • Total Charging Events
  • Net Energy Leaving Trends

Why are these metrics important for a successful EV initiative?

Total CO2 Emissions Avoided

Organizations all over the world are aiming to reduce their carbon emissions. Stay on top of potential capital savings and emission avoidance  as part of your overall sustainability strategy.

Total Energy Used (KwH)

Understand how much energy your vehicles are using – especially during operational hours and optimal recharging time windows – to determine the efficiency of the vehicles operating in your fleet.

Total Charging Events

Take control of your fleet’s charging patterns and eliminate potential range anxiety by implementing a monitoring process that can provide total visibility into state-of-charge, total charging events and charging status.

Net Energy Leaving Trends

Ensure your fleet’s vehicles are meeting your performance standards by monitoring energy use and effectiveness as part of your core carbon emission reduction efforts.

If you’d like to learn more about how this report can aid in the optimization of your operations and help you scale for new EV initiatives, schedule a demo with a member of our team.

Sydnie Gjerald

Data Analyst

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