Made for Fleets in Mind

Utilimarc Rightsizing Solution

Stay on top of lead times, budget allocation and vehicle lifecycle by looking at the entirety of your data – including maintenance, usage, availability and enterprise resource planning.

This full look will help you determine your level of risk coverage as well as how operations are maintaining vehicles and using them over a full calendar year to account for peaks and valleys in utilization.


Benefits of Fleet Rightsizing

Efficiency begins with the optimization of assets and costs. Rightsizing efforts can assist all levels of management in creating a sustainable, cost-effective fleet.

Key Features

Fleet rightsizing is becoming a primary focus for organizations, given EV procurement efforts, fuel costs and increasing economic pressures. Understand your assessed risk level with:


    • Utilization Trends
    • Usage Rate by Month
    • Capital Savings Projections
    • Vehicle Downtime


"We needed to tackle vehicle usage first - and costreduction strategies are quick to follow. Utilimarc helps us see where we’re at, where we’d like to go and avoid bad decisions [like removing excess vehicles] that would cost us more than it would save."