How Leading Fleets Report on Green House Gas Emissions

Our GHG reports are designed to turn your fleet’s data sources into a tool that helps you reduce emissions, launch or sustain green initiatives and help to streamline your internal communication.


Access deeper insights into your fleet’s GHG emissions

Fleets worldwide are making sustainability commitments to lower or remove most of their carbon emissions and GHGs in the coming decades.

Our GHG reporting will help your team prove where you are succeeding and identify where you can improve.

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Measure and report on progress towards your fleet’s emissions goals.

Track which vehicles create the most emissions over time

Identify and break down your vehicles’ CO2 emissions to help to identify excessive energy usage or other inefficiencies. Create your green initiative, and cost saving strategy at the garage-level.

  • Average annual tons of GHG output per vehicle
  • Understand GHG output by vehicle classes
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Do you know how your fuel type and usage effects your GHG emissions?

Learn how to reduce your fleet’s emissions

Look at the leading indicators of GHG emissions to build your reduction strategy.

  • Annual mileage trends by fuel and vehicle type
  • Annual fuel consumption trends by fuel and vehicle type
  • Greenhouse gas emissions trend by idling VS driving engine time 
  • Idle trends by vehicle type
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Gain a deeper understanding of your fuel consumption

See how your emissions compare to the industry

Compare your fleet to the industry GHG emission output – helping you measure and track where your fleet stacks up to your peers’ in key areas.

  • Total metric tonnes of CO2
  • Fuel consumption
  • Average emissions per vehicle
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