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The Leading BI Platform for Fleet Optimization

Combining all fleet data sources into a single platform for data quality, reporting and analysis.

Lower Operational Costs and Maximize Profitability.

Save capital without compromising on excellence and service standards.

Simplify Fleet Asset Replacement.
Fleet Asset Replacement, Simplified.

Garage level analysis for all fleet assets, providing top-tier utilization and replacement insights.

Create Lasting Analytical Stability

Our team helps you achieve your goals through quality data analysis and clean insights.

See Where Your Fleet Stands.

Benchmark your fleet operations year over year and against top industry standard.

Overview of our product

Experience the power of your fleet data.

Utilimarc is the only end-to-end business intelligence platform that delivers the insights needed to optimize your fleet.

  • Unified data view
  • Quick time-to-value
  • Enabling data driven decisions

Overview of our product

How Utilimarc works

Our platform connects your vehicle, asset and personnel data and delivers the insights needed to optimize your fleet’s operations.

Discover your data

Discover your data

You have the data. Lots of it. We weave it together to find answers to challenges your fleet faces.

Reveal your insights

Reveal your insights

Through our products and people we deliver a true understanding of the performance of your fleet.

Make smarter decisions

Make smart decisions

The insights delivered empower you to make informed decisions and operate at optimal efficiency.


Our customers

We work with best-in-class fleets to deliver real results from their data.

85 %

Optimizing and rightsizing 85% of US based enterprise utility fleets.


Managing data for over 300K vehicles and equipment

25 Million

Processing over 25 million data events daily

22 Years

Benchmark Data Sets for Utilities and Municipalities

American Electric Power | Utilimarc Customer

Quanta | Utilimarc Customer

ASPLUNDH | Utilimarc Customer

Meet the team.

Fleet data is at the center of Utilimarc’s core.
We are a diverse team of data analysts, technologists, and fleet experts – focused on interpreting data and turning it into actionable insights and solutions for our customers.