Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Create operational efficiency by measuring resource allocation and cost-effectively streamlining resource utilization and maintenance, fuel consumption, staffing and downtime reduction.

Fuel Consumption

Direct Hours Per Mechanic

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Maintenance Cost per unit

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Avg productive shop time

Operational Efficency

Technician Productivity

We help our customers determine how well their technicians are tracking time to each individual asset, as well as how much indirect time they are spending on the job for training and other purposes.

High Level Productivity & Efficiency Metrics

Wrench Turning Hours

  • Individual and team hours logged. 
  • Per-unit productivity hours.
  • Garage-level performance.

Productive Time

  • Differentiate productive time VS indirect time. 
  • Efficient training and maintenance schedules.

Measure Efficiency

  • Total technicians and hours charged.
  • Compare your productivity against industry benchmarks.

operational efficiency

Staffing Levels

Staffing Levels

Our staffing reports allow you to get a comprehensive look at how many technicians you need to maintain your fleet, and whether or not any changes need to be made.

Staffing Levels

What Our Platform Does with Your Staffing Data:


  • How many estimated repair hours compared to technicians do you have?
  • Are you understaffed or overstaffed?
  • If you outsource a majority of maintenance, do you need as many technicians as you have?

Provides insights around your key staffing metrics

  • Current VS ideal number of mechanics in employment.
  • Industry average technician wages by fleet and organization type.
  • Estimated repair hours.
Safety Dashboard

operational efficiency

Safety Scorecarding

Safety Dashboard

A driver scorecard combines safety metrics to give your fleet an actionable way of reporting driver performance.

How Our Safety Scorecarding Improves Fleet Safety:

Track Key Safety Events

  • Total Cornering Events
  • Total Breaking Score
  • Total Speeding Events
  • Seat Belt Usage
  • Total Acceleration Score

Score drivers on their performance

  • Get one metric for their performance across all key events.
  • Break down scores by vehicle class, group and individual driver. 
  • Track performance across time to improve coaching strategies.

operational efficiency

Preventative Maintenance & Downtime Reduction

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce downtime for your fleet by diagnosing potential mechanical errors during a routine maintenance check-up process, enabled by our unit-based decision making methodology for proper vehicle care or vehicle leasing.

Preventative Maintenance

Optimizing Your Fleet’s Downtime will Help You:

Reduce Time & Cost

  • Prevent major losses in availability with regular off-hour maintenance.
  • Lower your fleet’s overall maintenance costs.
  • Diagnose small problems before they become expensive problems.

Increase Efficiency

  • Increase vehicle lifespan.
  • Better plan staffing around regulated maintenance schedules.
  • Maximize profitability and productivity per vehicle.