Cost Reduction

Use your data to identify where your fleet could be saving money. From usage and fuel to maintenance and asset numbers, our platform will help you find cost reduction opportunities within your operations.


Fleet Rightsizing Report

Efficiency begins with the optimization of assets and costs. Right sizing efforts can assist all levels of management in creating a sustainable, cost-effective fleet.

Track Asset Utilization

Our platform can recommend a fleet size based on your average utilization and availability helping you understand the difference between the amount of vehicles you have and the vehicles you need.

Lifecycle Reporting

Make informed decisions around vehicle replacement such as:

  • What vehicles to replace
  • When to replace your vehicles
  • If you need to replace them at all
  • Opportunities for EV replacement

Capital Savings

Potentially reduce your capital budget by up to 20% by determining the right size for your fleet.

Replacement Scheduling


Creating a reliable and repeatable replacement schedule for your vehicle assets will help you create a balanced fleet in terms of age, fuel consumption and improved driver safety.

The Payoff:

By putting a replacement schedule in place, fleet managers will know:

  • What a vehicle will cost them
  • How to accurately predict maintenance costs
  • When is the most cost-effective time to replace

Total Cost of Ownership Reporting


TCO is the total cost to own, operate and maintain the vehicle over the course of its life. We help you measure your costs overtime against the industry average.

The Payoff:

Fleet managers get an insightful look at how to maintain lowest total ownership of all assets over the course of their lifecycle including:

  • Depreciation
  • Labor and Parts
  • Fuel and Energy Costs
  • Inflation Adjustments

More on how Utilimarc helps with cost reduction:

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