Why Are Visual Dashboards Important for Fleet Managers?

Gretchen ReeseJanuary 22, 2021

Data management platforms can aid in the day-to-day tasks of managing your fleet. But can digital visual dashboards make that much of a difference?

What is a visual dashboard?

Dashboards are a data visualization and management tool that allows all levels of management to understand the analytics that matter to their organization. Even for the non-tech savvy individual, dashboards allow you to participate and understand the analytics process by compiling multiple fleet data sources – helping you to visualize trends and industry comparisons. 

Everyone uses visual dashboards differently – especially when it comes to managing different facets of their fleet. Behind the scenes of the Utilimarc Business Intelligence Platform, a dashboard connects all of your data streams and sources but spares you the headache of connecting each source of data yourself. Instead, dashboards display your data in the form of tables, graphs and charting that are completely customizable – depending on what you’re looking to measure. 

A crucial aspect of the Utilimarc Business Intelligence Platform, dashboards are used to display data in a way that is easily digestible. They have quickly become the most efficient way to track multiple data sources, providing a single source of truth for fleets to monitor and analyze asset performance.

Utilimarc Business Intelligence Platform for Fleets

Are dashboards as important as they’re made out to be?

Yes, visual dashboards are important. Increasingly so, as fleet data is digitized and fleets around the world are acquiring more vehicles to meet the needs of those they service. 

Visual analytics dashboards are developed to aid all levels of decision makers within your organization – not only with monitoring performance, but establishing goals/objectives, understanding KPIs and staying in the know with their data – allowing them to implement changes needed to run an efficient fleet.

How does Utilimarc use visual dashboards within the Business Intelligence Platform?

The Utilimarc platform uses dashboards to help you effortlessly visualize and explore your data. You can delve into your key metrics and compare how you’re performing against your set goals and objectives. You’ll even be able to manage your fleet’s data streams in real-time with a fully customizable view for the data that matters most to you.

If you’re interested to see how the visual dashboards within the Utilimarc Business Intelligence Platform can aid in your daily fleet management strategy, schedule a live demo.

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