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Recently, in partnership with Consumer’s Energy, we ran a survey to learn more about how fleets are changing their take-home policies (if at all), especially as we exit a pandemic and move into a new year.

vehicle safety survey results

In order to gather more information on what fleets across North America are doing to minimize risky driving behavior and train safer drivers on the road, Utilimarc has partnered with DTE Energy to run a survey to asses what aspects of fleet safety are most important to managers – from policies to equipment, how they’re training drivers or if they are using incentives to achieve their results.

Last month, Utilimarc released the results of a survey on Greenhouse Gas Reporting. The survey was created to understand how leading North American fleets were track and reporting on their progress towards goals set on emissions reduction – of which the commercial fleet industry makes up 35 percent of GHG emissions worldwide.

Over the last few months, we’ve run a survey that aimed to capture if industry-leading fleets are reporting on greenhouse gas emissions, how they’re doing it, and if they’re not – will they start in the near future?