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Jessica Schunk | Senior Analyst

Jessica Schunk is a senior analyst at Utilimarc. She began her career with Utilimarc six years ago after graduating from the University of St. Thomas. Jessica specializes in benchmarking and enjoys creating custom reporting for clients. When she’s not with her clients, you can find her spending time with her husky, Sully.

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A benchmark can be applied to any facet of your fleet’s operations. From maintenance to vehicle class, process to product – a benchmark is always a good idea.

The operating costs for 4×2 in year one was $75 per 1,000 miles, while in year nine it was $265 per 1,000 miles, an increase of $190 over the nine years.

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The annual average miles per gallon (MPG) between 2010 and 2014 varied, with the highest MPG in 2011, 4.95, and the lowest MPG in 2013, 4.45.