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Sam Bramlett is a writer from Charlotte, NC, with an M.F.A. in writing from SCAD. He lives and works in Savannah, GA, has two cats named Bennie and Tina, and writes self-help books and novels. Previously a copywriter for Belk, a freelance editor for various companies and part of the sales team at Capstone Consultants, Sam has a diverse writing background and many stories about the horrors of door-to-door sales.

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Are hydrogen fuel cell vehicles more efficient than an electric vehicle? Utilimarc weighs in.

Regardless of the inefficiencies, hydrogen does have the advantage in terms of range, lightness, and quick refueling. The issues come with the process of actually getting the fuel source to the car without losing so much power.

What makes a good fleet manager? Here are the key qualities and core responsibilities | Utilimarc blog

A fleet manager is responsible for many things, as I’m sure you already know. From replacement cycles to annual budget preparation, policy implementation to vehicle usage management and maintenance. The needs and objectives of multiple departments depend on the fleet manager executing their responsibilities well and keeping the fleet running smoothly.

What fleet industry trends will come out of the pandemic? | Utilimarc Blog

This is a time for implementing and communicating new standards, and an opportunity to create some lasting changes. Perhaps you could consider right-sizing your fleet so that you can have spare vehicles as customers require while identifying and disposing of under-utilized equipment.