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Jason Allen is a benchmarking data analyst at Utilimarc. He started working with data 10 years ago and found himself drawn to using data to find insights and tell key stories. When he is not at his desk, you’ll find him wandering through the Kansas woods looking for wildlife with his two children.

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Are tax incentives enough to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles? | Utilimarc Blog

EVs are the future of the fleet industry. Of that, there appears to be no question – unless, of course, there aren’t electric alternatives for your current fleet mix. Because of this, it pays to have a complete understanding of the EVs you choose to purchase.

What fleet industry trends will come out of the pandemic? | Utilimarc Blog

This is a time for implementing and communicating new standards, and an opportunity to create some lasting changes. Perhaps you could consider right-sizing your fleet so that you can have spare vehicles as customers require while identifying and disposing of under-utilized equipment.