Fleet Benchmarking

Know How You Compare and Set Data-Backed Goals

The fleet benchmarking application delves into your data and measures whether or not your fleet meets the industry norm. We can also shed light on how your actions today may affect your finances and operations down the line.


Accurate peer to peer comparisons and industry best practices.

Built on more than a decade of research, our benchmarking application sheds light on how you stack up internally and against other fleets industry-wide. 

Stay in-tune with industry trends.

  • Fleet mix makeups
  • Financial and cost trends
  • Maintenance Practices
  • Data from over 10 years and 300K units

Compare the metrics that matter most.

  • Financial Metrics
  • Asset Utilization
  • Staffing Levels
  • Maintenance & Labor
  • Asset Age and more

Set data backed goals to optimize your fleet.

  • Anticipate cost projections
  • Forecast vehicle replacement dates
  • Set smarter maintenance schedules
  • Create a smarter future for your fleet in the short and the long term

Fleet Comparisons Reports

True Peer to Peer Comparisons

Control for industry, fleet size, geographic region and more for accurate performance comparisons.

See Where You Stand

Compare your performance against data from over 15 years of diverse fleets to help you identify key areas of improvement.

The Payoff:

Benchmarking comparisons allows fleet managers to: 

  • Make data driven goals and objectives that aid in the optimization of your fleet.
  • Prove your performance to internal stakeholders and justify budgeting decisions

Fleet Trends Reporting

Track Your Year Over Year Performance

A key part of successful benchmarking is being able to see how your fleet is trending. Track financials, fleet mix, cost and maintenance trends to see where you stand compared with peers industry-wide.

See Where Your Industry Is Heading

Our team summarizes an industry data-pull, giving you the ability to track where your specific niche in the fleet industry is heading – keeping you in line with your goals and helping future-proof your organization going forward.

The Payoff:

With data-backed insights and the solution we provide, no longer will you be guessing on day-to-day decisions. Trend comparisons allow you to:

  • Break down fleet vehicle mix in every class and comparing to your peers.
  • Understand vehicle cost and how it lines up to similar vehicles in your industry.
  • Future-proof fleet operations by planning out financials and maintenance spend annually.

Annual Executive Fleet Summary

Insights You Can Trust from our Data Scientists

Fleet data is what we do. Our team that will create your report is made up of the leading analysts, technologists and data scientists in the fleet domain.

Yearly Data and Internal Processes Checkup

Our analysts will determine key areas to improve in and where you differ from your industry peers. We’ll also vet your data collection process to make sure your reporting is accurate and your data is clean.

The Payoff:

Gain the insights you need to present your solutions to internal stakeholders with confidence, knowing you have the data to back them up.

Identify Exceptions

Compare within Your Own Fleet

Analyze unit performance within your fleet in key areas like:

  • Maintenance Cost
  • Purchase Price
  • Technician Labor Hours
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • High and Low Utilization
  • Work Order Counts

Easily Identify Outliers

Your data will be displayed to help you easily identify where the bulk of your fleet performance lies and highlight outlier units. Selecting an outlier will allow you to view its unit number and how or why it’s falling short.

The Payoff:

By identifying outlying vehicles you can make confident, data-based decisions to either improve their performance, replace them or rightsize your fleet by removing them.

Our insights from over a decade of industry benchmarking studies:

By working with our customers, we’ve built a business intelligence platform that provides answers for the challenges they face.