TELEMATICS Data Analytics

Telematics Data That Make Sense

Our telematics data analysis powers organizations with clean, quality insights to track accurately report performance, safety and overall efficiency of their fleet assets and staff.


Smart data to power your fleet.

Working with our customers, we’ve built dashboards and reporting purposing telematics data and focused on fleet productivity and centered around data quality. These dashboards and reports become a single destination for fleet managers to actively monitor daily performance and schedule out reporting to based on custom metrics and KPIs.


Telematics applied; how we make sense of your data.

Built to streamline fleet efficiency, quality and safety.

All incoming data is centrally located within our business intelligence platform. Fleet managers get quick access to real-time location mapping, driver safety score-carding, idle time, usage rate and daily work order reports- in one intuitive dashboard.

Want to optimize your fleet with your existing telematics data?

Utilimarc’s business intelligence platform integrates third party telematics data to provide a unified view of your operations along with benchmark reporting, actionable analytics and complete lifecycle analysis of your fleet.

By listening to and working with our customers, we built a business intelligence solution that delivers actionable insights to help them solve the challenges they face.