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See why industry leading fleets choose Utilimarc to make their data work for them.

Our customers are devoted to moving miles ahead with data-driven solutions. Keeping our clients at the core of what we do allows us to deliver consistent results that retain 99% of our customers year over year.

Speak to a Fleet Data Expert

“We’re at over 2 billion data points per day. We don’t know how to count that high, but Utilimarc does. It takes a partnership for something like that.

American Electric Power

One thing that I really like about Utilimarc is their ability to integrate multiple data sources and display them in a single dashboard….

The Utilimarc team is very responsive, and their focus on service is their differentiator.“


“You have to be able to present the data to senior leadership in a way that enables an easy decision-making process, and Utilimarc has been very helpful in doing that for us. They are able to provide the industry big picture as we focus specifically on our fleet’s performance.

Consumers Energy

“[Utilimarc delivers] predictive maintenance trends for emissions-related repairs, forecast maintenance to support capital replacement plans and analyze average hours to maintain accurate estimated repair times. This data really helps us optimize our financials and set goals for the coming year.“


“Utilimarc isn’t just a telematics company.

They make my job easier with custom reporting and by tailoring their platform to my needs – helping me make decisions that optimize my fleet and ensure that my drivers are safer, too.“


“They feel like part of our team, Utilimarc does. Their platform helps us ensure that we are making the right decisions when it comes to managing our fleet.

We’re able to coach our drivers, predict maintenance costs and drastically reduce safety incidents on the road.“

Los Angeles DWP

“Before partnering with Utilimarc I always felt that our fleet personnel were doing a good job, but now we have the data to prove it.

They offer such a personalized service that is hard to find anywhere else. They really go above and beyond.”

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Our Clients’ Success Stories

Our Clients’ Success Stories:

Avista Combines their Data into a Single Platform for Accurate Reporting

“Utilimarc took our various data sources and incorporated them into a single central reporting platform, which for us, helped drastically in terms of enhancing productivity and report accuracy.

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Uniting Consumer’s Energy Around their Core KPIs

[before Utilimarc] “We spent an excess of 30 hours a week collectively in manually tracking core KPIs, reporting and keeping on top of new electric vehicle data in order to build and maintain an effective.. strategy… “

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More Customer Success Stories

We listened to our customers and built a BI solution that truly delivers the answers to their challenges.