Build the Future of Fleet Data

Here at Utilimarc, we’re focused on continually expanding the ways we help fleets derive more value from their data. As commercial fleet industries evolve and our abilities to receive, qualify and analyze data continue to grow, so do the insights we provide to our customers.

Careers at Utilimarc

Utilimarc’s mission is to bring analytics and data-driven insights to every fleet looking to optimize their operations. We work with our clients to identify opportunities for reduction of wasted resources, such as fuel or unused equipment, as well as many other operational improvements within their organization. This wastage reduction helps to make our environment a better place for everyone! We are a young, dynamic and growing company right at the heart of Vehicle, IoT and Data Science. Our company culture is inclusive and entrepreneurial. We — at our core — believe strongly in both work-life balance and the “get-it-done” ethos.

Open Positions:

Utilimarc is hiring an Account Executive to join our sales and marketing team!

As Account Executive (AE) for Utilimarc you will be empowered to grow business and develop customer relationships. You will be the key contributor in driving revenue and facilitator in sales workflow and- from nurturing, initial meeting, custom demo, proof of concept, and closing stages.

Additionally, you will work with a team of analysts and marketers to identify new sales opportunities within our existing customer base.

Remote position with travel.


  • Partner with the leadership team to execute on strategies developed to support company revenue goals.
  • Working alongside the marketing team and sales databases’ to identify new lead and customer segments to address.
  • Project manage new sales opportunities with a multitude of stakeholders including data analysts, product area experts, and marketers.
  • Partnering with marketing to identify the micro content most compelling and specific to lead segments.
  • Representing and presenting the Utilimarc brand, story, and our platform offerings to enterprise level prospects and customers.
  • Build and nurture relationships with industry leaders, customers, and prospects.
  • Research and coming to a place of understanding and authority of the unique challenges pertaining to each new-customer, crafting presentations to be specific to their needs and delivering answers to their problems.
  • Identify and qualify opportunities
  • Identify the customer approvers, decision makers and influencers and develop strategies for each to mitigate risk and increase deal confidence
  • Manage the closing process including negotiations, terms and conditions and procurement activities
  • Develop 12 month pipeline of qualified opportunities
  • Accountability for quarterly and annual sales targets


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, Sales, or related field preferred.
  • Minimum of 4 years of sales experience with proven track record of success with minimum of 2 years of sales experience specifically in selling hardware, software, and services.
  • Strong working knowledge of sales, marketing, and platforms such as Salesforce, Webex, and MS Office.
  • Understanding of database marketing and sales automation procedures.
  • Good knowledge of BI technologies and ability to learn industry channel dynamics
  • Strong written and verbal interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent social skills with the ability to present in a group setting.
  • Possess a sense of urgency, exceptional organizational and follow up skills.

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Utilimarc is providing a paid internship for its account based sales and marketing team for career-oriented individuals looking to enrich skillset in business intelligence/data analysis products with enterprise level b2b sales and marketing best practices. You will receive first hand experience in Utilimarc’s sales and marketing strategies and tools to drive new sales revenue and deepen client relationships.

As an Account Based Sales Intern for Utilimarc, you will learn core skills working within our account-based marketing and sales framework- prospecting, navigating database tools, and building new sales pipeline activity. The role offers development of account based sales outreach best practices and enterprise selling skills with direct interaction with C-level executives.

What you'll learn:

  • Technologies and data analysis' focused on optimization of business practices and sustainable initiatives around carbon emissions reduction and electric vehicle adoption into commercial fleet industries.
  • Utilimarc's account based sales and marketing methodology and tools to drive revenue from inbound and direct channels.
  • The key industries Utilimarc serves in Government, Utilities, Telcom, Construction, and Energy

What you'll do:

  • Work within Utilimarc's sales and marketing team to help segment account data and create targeted sales outreach.
  • Access Utilimarc's account based sales and marketing tools such as Salesloft, Salesforce, and Hubspot to track performance of sales outreach campaign.
  • Work alongside Utilimarc's data analytics' and customer success teams to get a deep understanding of our product and services as well as the client communication strategies involved.

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