Identify Exceptions

Identify Exceptions

Analyze unit performance within your fleet in key areas like maintenance class, purchase price, labor hours. Display your fleet’s individual units performance in a way that helps you identify and address outlying units. 

Compare Inter-fleet Performance Across:

Maintenance Metrics:

  • Labor Hours
  • Annual Maintenance Cost
  • Work Order Counts

Budget Usage:

  • Purchase Price
  • Total Cost

Utilization Thresholds:

Establish an internal threshold for utilization by mileage and see which units don’t meet your standard by age and class. 


Navigate Your Data with Interactive Visualizations

Bring your data to life with our exceptions reports that allow you to filter your detailed data tables by class or individual unit and sort based on how they compare to your internal averages in key categories. 


Identify Outlying Units

Easily discover and address which of your fleet assets are outside of the norm in categories such as:


  • Purchase Price
  • Maintenance Costs and Hours
  • Work Order Count
  •  Total Cost


Easily Identify Under Utilized Assets in Your Fleet

View your units’ annual mileage compared to your low utilization threshold to quickly see which of your under utilized assets. Select the individual units to see their make, model, unit number and respective mileage. 


This report can be filtered to only compare against specific classes.