What is the Average Compensation in the Fleet Industry in 2022?

Gretchen ReeseSeptember 29, 2022

Over the past month, Utilimarc has surveyed industry-leading fleet professionals regarding fleet management compensation in 2022. Respondents were based primarily throughout North America and operate in various fleet verticals including municipal, utilities and other sectors. Utilimarc’s survey assessed average salaries, common benefits and other aspects of their employment in order to understand any trends and changes in compensation.

One of the key findings of the survey was the average base salary for fleet professionals. With most survey respondents holding titles of fleet manager, director or supervisor, the average base salary for 2022 was around $100,000 annually. For 71 percent of professionals, this figure was an increase from their 2021 salaries. However, a quarter of respondents’ salaries remained the same.

In addition to base salaries, the survey aimed to understand the common benefits and leave options included in compensation packages. The most common additional benefits included medical, dental and vision insurance, with less than 50 percent of fleets offering 401(K) and contribution matching programs. The least common reported included company car and car allowances. In terms of leave options, paid time off and statutory holidays seemed standard across the board.

Ultimately, over 75 percent of fleet professionals reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their current jobs. In addition to satisfactory salaries and benefits, a number of fleet organizations also offer management industry and leadership training opportunities, college tuition reimbursement and access to conferences and tradeshows. 

To read the full survey and results, view the report here.

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