Mike NowakJuly 25, 2018

Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 25, 2018 – Fleet managers can now access an easy-to-use, free tool to forecast vehicle replacement needs. Under guidance by Paul Milner of Utilimarc, a Minneapolis-based provider of fleet analytics and reporting software, Kelly Reagan, Fleet Manager with the City of Columbus, Ohio State University (OSU) students developed a robust, new tool to allow fleets to use their own vehicle data to predict and plan for future vehicle replacement and costs.

Once a fleet’s vehicle data is input into the tool, a report can be quickly generated to highlight the vehicle lifecycle, replacement costs for current and future years, and proximity to the replacement standard by vehicle division. The final results are provided in table format as well as graphically with a concise fleet plan outlining vehicle replacements. To help users with the tool’s functionality, OSU students also produced a helpful tutorial video to walk users through the tool step-by-step.

“The biggest challenge was making a tool that was easy for any time-constrained manager to use, but also powerful enough to provide valuable insights,” said Paul Milner, Utilimarc Senior Analyst. “The tool strikes a good balance, allowing managers to incorporate their own data into the model and delivering results in a matter of seconds.” 

The fleet replacement tool download is available for free. View the video tutorial and sample data for helpful tips. 

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Mike Nowak


Mike Nowak is the CIO of Utilimarc. He is a life-long learner and is motivated by the fact that analytics, technology and software can help improve our world and have the ability to create less waste for the environment. See more from Mike

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