Mike NowakMarch 9, 2015

“Utilimarc’s Fleet Lifecycle app has become a valuable tool in helping us manage our fleet replacement budget.”

– Steve Anderton, DirectorFleet Operations, PacifiCorp

“It allows us to customize our strategy and perform endless “what-if” scenario analysis to explore our options. The tool has added credibility to our appeals to executive management for additional capital. Our company already had internally generated lifecycle analysis program that we can now verify against an external source for validation. We have renewed our participation every year since first using the tool. The staff at Utilimarc has always been extremely responsive in answering our questions and helping us get maximum value from our investment in this tool.” 

 “The Fleet Lifecycle app has been used by in its current state to help determine the optimal consistent replacement dollar amount that would level out our replacement of equipment and help avoid bubbles.”

– Chad Barrett, Fleet Supervisor, SRP

“The executive reports are helpful in communicating what the true need is for the fleet. Utilimarc has constantly been very responsive with all needed support not only for vehicle lifecycle analysis but for other projects we have worked with them on as well.  They turn around good answers quickly and follow up to make sure it is what was needed.” 

“The VRM allows us to take the guess work out of what our initial vehicle retirement list should be.”

John Adkisson TransportationPPL

“We either used calendar (age of vehicle) as the starting point which was not the most realistic estimate. Fleet Lifecycle incorporates maintenance history and usage in determining a vehicle replacement candidate. Utilimarc has always been responsive to my questions on the vehicle lifecycle or any other topic.”

Mike Nowak


Mike Nowak is the CIO of Utilimarc. He is a life-long learner and is motivated by the fact that analytics, technology and software can help improve our world and have the ability to create less waste for the environment. See more from Mike

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