Geotab and Utilimarc to Provide Best-in-Class Fleet BI Solution for Government and Utility Fleets

Gretchen ReeseApril 6, 2022

Combined BI solution is designed to help government and utility fleets solve rapidly growing challenges around sustainability initiatives and operational efficiencies.

Utilimarc, an industry leader in fleet analytics and authorized Geotab premier reseller, today announced its partnership with Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation. Through this partnership, Utilimarc and Geotab provide utility companies and municipalities with rich data-insights via a combined business intelligence (BI) solution to help solve proliferating problems in the industry including sustainability initiatives and operational efficiencies.

Geotab and Utilimarc partner to deliver fleet optimization solution for government and utilities.

As the largest provider of Geotab telematics to utilities already, Utilimarc is expanding to provide its solutions to municipal government fleets. The combined solution empowers fleets with access to an advanced analytics platform that integrates Geotab’s vehicle and driver data with operational system data- maintenance, charging station, and fuel cards- to deliver a single reporting solution.

Meeting electrification and emissions mandates while optimizing operational efficiencies and cutting costs, pose continual challenges for fleets today. Through this partnership, the Geotab and Utilimarc BI solution will enable utility and government fleets to effectively navigate emissions reduction, preventative maintenance, vehicle replacement and rightsizing initiatives.

Geotab and Utilimarc’s missions remain strongly aligned: to be a source of trust and reliability for our customers. Through this partnership, our goal is to remain the go-to source to help utilities and municipalities better support their fleet and create proactive strategies to enhance fleet operations,

– Chris Shaffer, CEO, Utilimarc

The partnership has developed upon a collective understanding of the many challenges that these specific fleet industries face including:

  • Data quality issues from disparate and unreliable fleet management systems
  • Supply chain issues leading to procurement challenges
  • Sustainability and reporting demands
  • Pricing and costs associated with emerging technologies

Currently, Utilimarc and Geotab have partnered to help optimize fleets nationwide, click here to see some of those fleets.

If you or your team would like to learn more about how Utilimarc helps fleets scale for future sustainability practices and current initiatives, schedule a demo with a member of our analytics team.

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