How City of Glendale Uses Utilimarc’s GHG Reporting To Understand Fleet Emissions

Utilimarc Customer SuccessAugust 19, 2022

Fleet Size:

900+ vehicles

Core KPIs:

Emissions, Sustainability, Fuel Consumption


Municipal Fleet

Utilimarc Products: 

Benchmarking and GHG Reporting

Following a growing trend amongst municipal fleets, City of Glendale in California wanted a better understanding of their total fleet emissions and how they were changing over time. The fleet wanted to know how their asset classes stacked up, and additionally to understand the performance and effect of their investment in CNG.

A main goal for City of Glendale was to use their fleet data to make emissions-conscious decisions going forward. By breaking down and monitoring their emissions by fuel and by asset class, we were able to help the fleet identify the greatest contributors and use this to inform the most effective vehicle replacement.

With Utilimarc’s Benchmark and GHG Emissions Reports, City of Glendale is able to access deeper insights into their fleet’s gas emissions. Our GHG Analytics helps them to track and trend emissions over the previous 5 years with reports like total fleet GHG emissions, GHG emissions by fuel and asset types, total fuel consumption by type and asset comparison. This information is critical for identifying assets to replace and assessing EV candidates. It also allows the fleet to measure and report the impact of their investment in CNG fuel.


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Utilimarc Customer Success

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