How Avista Corp. Leverages Utilimarc Business Intelligence

Utilimarc Customer SuccessMarch 31, 2021

Fleet Size:
700 Vehicles, 400 Trailers and Equipment

Core KPIs:
Telematics, Electric Vehicle Reporting, FMIS Reporting


Utilimarc Products:
Business Intelligence Platform

Based on their need to make a business case for and need to scale for electric vehicle data, Avista was in search of a company with vast experience in telematics and FMIS data to help integrate all of their reporting into a single analytical environment.

A main goal for Avista was to be able to combine FMIS and telematics data to allow for proper maintenance scheduling and meter reads, allowing for a more effective fleet management process, as well as the reduction of wasted monetary resources.

With the integration of Utilimarc’s Business Intelligence platform, Avista is now able to integrate all of their data sources into our BI platform – creating a central reporting system of trusted dashboards that all levels of fleet management can access and understand. We were also able to help implement a meter-based maintenance cycle, rather than time-based (when warranties expire), allowing for Avista to save money on necessary maintenance. Their meter data, now in a single analytical environment also allowed for their fleet management team to see exactly when and where booms were activated, just in case there should be any issues with equipment in need of a fast remedy.


Inaccurate vehicle performance and maintenance insights due to disparate data sources along with the need in creating a business case and ability to scale for electric vehicle data. A key aspect was to focus on integrating all of their organization’s fleet data systems into a single analytical platform and to ensure accurate meter insights in order to create a more effective fleet management process.

In making our decision to pursue a data management platform we needed someone that was experienced in new technologies, but also that came with years of experience working with telematics, third party integrations and fleet management system data.

Greg Loew – Fleet Manager, Avista

Our Solution:

Avista chose Utilimarc based on our long-term expertise with telematics and FMIS data sources. We implemented our BI Enterprise Solution to integrate all data sources into one platform for a trusted central reporting system. We were also able to create custom dashboards to showcase their meter data for more accurate reads and helped to create a stronger fleet management strategy.

Utilimarc took our various data sources and incorporated them into a single central reporting platform, which for us, helped drastically in terms of enhancing productivity and report accuracy. We’ve really enjoyed working with their team to strengthen every aspect of our fleet management strategy.

Greg Loew – Fleet Manager, Avista

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Utilimarc Customer Success

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