Build the Future of Fleet Data

Here at Utilimarc, we’re focused on continually expanding the ways we help fleets derive more value from their data. As commercial fleet industries evolve and our abilities to receive, qualify and analyze data continue to grow, so do the insights we provide to our customers.

Careers at Utilimarc

Utilimarc’s mission is to bring analytics and data-driven insights to every fleet looking to optimize their operations. We work with our clients to identify opportunities for reduction of wasted resources, such as fuel or unused equipment, as well as many other operational improvements within their organization. This wastage reduction helps to make our environment a better place for everyone! We are a young, dynamic and growing company right at the heart of Vehicle, IoT and Data Science. Our company culture is inclusive and entrepreneurial. We — at our core — believe strongly in both work-life balance and the “get-it-done” ethos.

Open Positions:

Why We Need You:

Utilimarc is a nimble company filled with the most passionate people. We're growing quickly and are ready to add a Senior Software Engineer to our team. Your role will demonstrate all-around software engineering leadership, solving immediate challenges, designing and delivering quality software with the future in mind. Our ideal candidate will have extensive software design and implementation experience.

Job Duties:

  • Define, design, build, and maintain all aspects of data stream analysis and delivery.
  • Be a team member in designing and implementing a next-generation data processing platform.
  • Maintain, define, and refine software development best practices in a python / AWS / java / web shop.
  • Work closely with clients, Utilimarc analysts and data scientists to build tools to turn data into knowledge for making sound business decisions.
  • Provide experienced mentorship for technical growth and professional communication.

What We’re Looking For in You:

  • Solid knowledge of python, git, linux, web, and managed cloud development (AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure).
  • Solid experience living software engineering principles - requirements gathering, prototyping, testing, CI/CD, infrastructure as code, DRY, KISS.
  • Bachelor or Graduate degree in a related technical field, or, possibly, significant software development experience.
  • Experience using open-source projects and libraries, bonus points for contributions!
  • Experience with SQL and Big Data platforms such as Hive, Redshift, Snowflake, Spark, etc.
  • Experience with analytics and data visualization, comfort with the language of mathematics.
  • Ability to enhance a team with technical and cohesive leadership.
  • Enjoy solving difficult problems.
  • Excellent communication skills with demonstrated ability to translate requirements into implementation.

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Utilimarc is hiring a Customer Lifecycle Manager to join our sales and marketing team!

In this role, you will be empowered to help Utilimarc optimize its account based marketing efforts and support our sales team with the right messaging to the right audience. You will be a key facilitator in Utilimarc’s sales pipeline and customer lifecycle- from lead data segmentation, to cadence messaging, to retargeting.

Additionally, you will work with leadership, account execs and content marketers to identify new sales opportunities within our existing customer base.

Remote option available.


  • Partner with the leadership team to execute on account based marketing and sales strategies developed to support company revenue goals.
  • Working alongside the sales and marketing team with our account databases’ to identify new lead and customer segments to convert to initial meetings.
  • Analyze cadence performance and continually test messaging to ensure the optimal execution.
  • Identify the customer approvers, decision makers and influencers and develop strategies for each to mitigate risk and increase deal confidence
  • Partnering with marketing to identify the micro content most compelling and specific to lead and account segments.
  • Research and coming to a place of understanding and authority of the unique challenges pertaining to each new-customer, crafting messaging and submitting content requests to be specific to their needs and delivering answers to their problems.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, Sales, or related field preferred.
  • Working knowledge of sales, marketing, and platforms such as CRMs and sales engagement tools
  • Understanding of database marketing and sales automation procedures.
  • Good knowledge of BI technologies and ability to learn industry channel dynamics
  • Strong written and verbal interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent social skills with the ability to present in a group setting.
  • Possess a sense of urgency, exceptional organizational and follow up skills.

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