Simplifying Your EV Data

Unlock insights from your EV data and make informed decisions to further your sustainability commitments.

Understand the impact of introducing electric vehicles to your fleet by breaking down their performance in:

  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Total CO2 Emissions Avoided
  • MPG-e
  • Total Energy Usage
  • Charge Events
  • Emissions and Energy Usage Trends

EV vs ICE industry benchmark performance reports.

A new technology makes for a new opportunity.

We tie nearly two decades’ worth of internal combustion engine data together with electric vehicle data in an accurate peer-to-peer benchmark.

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EV Insights from Our Industry Experts:

The reporting you need to understand EV lifecycle.

The data you need to truly understand your EV’s total cost of ownership.

Break down EV lifecycle by:

  • Maintenance Costs
  • Staffing Expenses
  • Purchase Price
  • Depreciation and Inflation Rates
  • Fuel Savings
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Sustainability reporting to justify your investments.

Confidently report on your progress towards carbon emissions and GHGs reduction.

Our platform helps you measure your EV’s impact on total CO2 emissions avoided, MPG-e and total energy use, making reporting a breeze.

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Connecting all of your EV data sources.

Combine your data sourced from OEM connections, charge stations, telematics and more.

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We listened to our customers and built a BI solution that truly delivers the answers to their challenges.