The Electric Alternative For Fleets

With sustainability at the forefront of many industry conversations, we’re helping fleets unlock the insights from this new technology entering into the fleet space. Our aim is to help you understand the holistic lifecycle of electric utility vehicles and what the consequences are of introducing electric vehicles to a traditional internal-combustion fleet.

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Comparative, benchmarked electric vehicle data for industry performance thresholds.

A new technology makes for a new opportunity. We’re able to tie nearly two decades-worth of internal-combustion engine data together with electric vehicle data in an accurate peer-to-peer benchmark, shedding light on what could be a sustainable, efficient addition to your fleet asset mix.


EV Insights from Our Industry Experts:


Create analytical stability by understanding your fleet’s lifecycle.

Manufacturer data sources say the switch is simple: electric vehicles are the more sustainable option. But is this really true?

Utilimarc can help you to understand the true lifecycle of vehicles within fleets moving toward electrification, from maintenance costs and staffing to vehicle reliability and fuel savings.


Some of the OEM connections possible with our platform


Our analysts are your support team.

If your fleet is pursing electrification, our analysts are here to support you. We can leverage industry data that is unbiased and reliable to create mathematical lifecycle projections for an electrified fleet, while also comparing new incoming data to that of a fuel-based fleet. With our business intelligence platform, we’ll transform and clean your data to provide you with the numbers you need for a proactive fleet management strategy.


See how you can make smart choices around fleet electrification with our fully-integrated business intelligence platform.