Know the Lifecycle of Your Fleet

Our fleet lifecycle application provides customers with crucial answers for the difficult, but all-too-important questions that surround fleet asset replacement.


Create and maintain a healthy fleet with our Fleet Lifecyle application.

Customers receive garage-level analysis providing utilization and replacement insights so you will know how many technicians to assign to each garage and when it’s time to part with a vehicle or piece of equipment.

  • Know what fleet asset to replace and when
  • Make cases for capital based off clean data
  • Create smart future forecasts

Know when it’s the right time to replace your vehicles.

Each vehicle class has a different lifecycle – it’s even more so true as fleets transition certain classes to electric. Newer vehicles tend to have more safety features, better MPG or eMPG rates and typically lower associated costs.

Our team can help you create a reliable and repeatable replacement schedule for your vehicle assets, that will help you create a balanced fleet in key areas like:

  • Fleet Age
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Regular Maintenance 
  • Improved Driver Safety
  • Sustainability

Get necessary insights for optimizing technician staffing levels.

How many estimated repair hours compared to technicians do you have? Are you understaffed or overstaffed? How do you compare with peers?

Our professional services team will aid you in creating staffing reports that give you a comprehensive look at how many technicians you need to maintain your fleet, as well as:

  • Mechanic repair estimations
  • Repair hours anticipated
  • Current mechanics in employment
  • Industry average technician wages by fleet and organization type

Build a smarter and healthier fleet.

Utilimarc’s fleet lifecycle application provides the answers necessary to optimize for today and for the long run.

Working with our customers, we’ve built a business intelligence solution that delivers answers to solve the challenges they face.