Create a Smarter Future With Fleet Analytics

Data can show you the future of your fleet – without the crystal ball. We help fleets accurately measure progress on objectives, boost capabilities and become comfortable with their data.


Your data provided, our insights delivered.

Our Fleet Analytics application becomes the single source of truth for our customers. Integrating and connecting multiple data sources — telematics, fuel card, FMC and fleet management system data — into visual daily dashboards that empower our customers with performance insights across their entire fleet’s operation.


All of your answers and key metrics in one place.

Our fleet analytics application provides managers with the answers they’re looking for on a daily basis. With our unified platform and team of data analysts, we help customers achieve their goals and objectives with quality data and custom reporting insights resulting in smarter business decisions.


Your telematics data, made actionable.

Utilimarc’s business intelligence platform integrates third party telematics data to provide a unified view of your operations along with benchmark reporting, actionable analytics and complete lifecycle analysis of your fleet.


Smart data to power your fleet.

Working with our customers, we’ve built dashboards and reporting purposing telematics data and focused on fleet productivity and centered around data quality. These dashboards and reports become a single destination for fleet managers to actively monitor daily performance and schedule out reporting to based on custom metrics and KPIs.


Built to streamline fleet efficiency, quality and safety.

All incoming data is centrally located within our business intelligence platform. Fleet managers get quick access to real-time location mapping, driver safety score-carding, idle time, usage rate and daily work order reports- in one intuitive dashboard.


Custom reporting, tailored to your fleet’s needs.

Utilimarc is able to use the data from your various systems to create analytics that fit your fleet.

Our analysts work with your team to construct custom metrics to help you track and improve on your core KPIS and future proofing to goals.


Fleet analytics in action:

Want to see how you could use your existing data sources to optimize your fleet?