How Quanta Services Inc. Leverages Utilimarc Business Intelligence

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With roughly twenty companies working independently, though each owned by Quanta, the challenge was to help all levels of management get their hands around and access the vast amount of data collected – as well as a need for custom and better DVIR reporting.

I have one of the largest fleets in the world. The data is overwhelming, even for someone that’s done this for a long time. It takes people like those on the Utilimarc team to work through the sheer volume of data and make it incredibly useful and actionable – rather than generic and somewhat directional.

Dave Meisel – Executive Vice President, Quanta Services Inc.

Our Solution:

Quanta chose Utilimarc based on our long-term expertise streamlining a data cleansing process for high quality, usable data and custom reporting capabilities. We implemented our BI Enterprise Solution to create reliable, trustworthy data sets that are actionable and identifying correctable anomalies.

Utilimarc has helped us immensely by taking our data and making us much better at what we do. It takes a partnership, especially when you’re as big as Quanta, to make a large organization not only run, but thrive.

Dave Meisel – Executive Vice President, Quanta Services Inc.

The Results?

Based on their need to better monitor and assess their total asset usage via telematics data analysis, Quanta was in search of a company with vast experience in integrating different sources of fleet data to aggregate all of their reporting into a single analytical environment.

A main goal for Quanta was to be able to standardize and streamline reporting for all subsidiary companies within their umbrella management. By helping identify usable data, we’ve been able to analyze Quanta’s vast data sets at a very micro-level – creating the ability to determine correct ‘states’ of information for each asset we report on, allowing for a more effective fleet management process, as well as the reduction of wasted monetary resources.

With the integration of Utilimarc’s Business Intelligence platform, Quanta is able to integrate all of their data sources into our BI platform and manage them from a single place – creating a central reporting system of trusted dashboards and usable, high-quality data that all levels of fleet management can access and understand. As a result, all levels of management within Quanta’s organization are able to see cleaner data and a significant reduction in admin time chasing down data-related issues.

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